Rail Plant Hire Equipment Business

The backstory

Family owned rail machinery rental business wanting to grow and expand into new markets, save costs and have better exposure to financial reporting. The Director was hands on with the operations and was heavily reliant on him to


The challenge


Our Solution

Review of Company

We reviewed the entire business and provided the Director with recommendations and an action plan to navigate through the changes required.

Created Financial models

We created a financial model that was simple to use through exporting data straight from the system and be able to highlight areas requiring special attention. Provided Management financial data and insights that they never had before opened their eyes to problem areas, such as overspending on advertising with little return on investment, an unknown rebate scheme, consulting fees of $300k for one year was crazy given the size of the business!

improved fund efficiency

Automate the payment system, so that supplier payments can be selected from the system and uploaded onto the bank with supporting evidence during payment release by the Director. Rates were locked in the system and visibility to sales proposals and acceptance was given to Accounts to create invoices faster and without Director input, just approval. Purchase equipment to support efficiencies within the on / off hire process, e.g. no more manual pumping, they invested in an automatic nozzle and pump to pump oils, fuel and lubricants within minutes not hours.

Better management of employee

Better management of employee on site hours versus what they were recording on timesheets. This was achieved through the implementation and monitoring of GPS installed on machinery. A reconciliation between the contract, timesheet and GPS were introduced and monitored prior to timesheets paid.

created policies, proceducers and systems

Created policies and procedures for pre / post hire checks to ensure employees follow required processes. Created systems to report profitability per job and client.




Saved in insurance


Saved on interest rates

Ready for profit shifting results ?