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Aligning people, processes and systems to automation and technology while improving operational efficiencies and profits.



Stablising businesses through turnaround techniques.  Restructuring for the purpose of improving working capital and cash inflow.



Being more deliberate on strategies for maximised growth and returns.  Reduce costs and obtain data to drive better results.



Establishing strong foundations from the beginning.  Formulating practical business plans that align to desired goals and results.



Identify revenue or acquisition opportunities to accelerate the business. Ensure foundations are solid before building an empire.



Elevating skills and knowledge base.  Improving accountability and responsibility within the workplace and personal life.

Typical Clients:

  • Businesses with $20m to $300m + Turnover
  • Experience rapid growth
  • Turnarounds - cash flow poor
  • Broken model – financially, culturally or strategically
  • Businesses wanting to accelerate with control
  • Need to pivot their business model.

Client Results:

  • Drastically improved cash flow
  • Net Profits 4 x minimum
  • Increased Shareholder Value
  • Sales contribution of $150m + from networks
  • Decreased Costs by a minimum 30%
  • Saved businesses from Bankruptcy.

We Consult.

We assess.
We review.
We reengineer.
We implement.

We Advise.​

We listen.
We guide.
We support.
We understand.

We Execute.

We do.
We show.
We report.
We change.

We Coach.

One to one. 
Group sessions.
Training courses.
Mentor programs.


Marcio Casagranda

Chief Operations & Engineer - Australian Crane & Machinery

It was a difficult time for the company and Fotini was instrumental in managing the challenges around cash flow, business profitability and overall business improvement.

Her focus and dedication helped her navigate a very important transition period for the company which delivered highly improved results.

George Arapoglou

Chief Finance Officer - Butler Market Gardens

For anyone looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and strategic thinker, you can’t go past Fotini at Tranquil Consultancy.

Fotini gets to the bottom of any issue no matter how minor or major it is and then proceeds to navigate her way through to a solution which is enduring and effective.

Fotini also has the ability to buy into an organisations vision and partner with stakeholders with the view to growing the business from a revenue, profitability and commercial perspective.

Her ability to connect with people at differing levels of an organisation is uncanny and her attention to detail allows her to deep dive into a problem set without losing sight of the higher level strategy.

Fotini was also successful in her application of the Coles Nurture Fund - we received $500,000! To say we were more than satisfied would be an understatement. 

Michael Aldemir

Managing Director - Spanish Doughnuts

It was due to Fotini's experience and her knowledge of the industry that we were able to make it through the initial tough times when we commenced our Franchising and our Manufacturing business.

To this day I can say that Fotini was responsible for putting us on the right track.

Fotini successfully applied for a government grant. We were very pleased with the outcome. She is truly amazing.

Paul Waters

Managing Director - DPW Plant Hire

Within the first 30 days we saved $100,000 in insurance straight off the bat!

Fotini’s contribution to our company led to the improvement of services that our company offers and a clearer direction on our goals and vision.

She always had a smiling face, no matter the condition, and that kept our employees warm while we all worked together to implement changes to our strategy, structure, processes, procedures, operations, people and finance.

I’m hopeful she’ll deliver similar outcomes for other companies as well.
I hereby highly recommend her.

Peihan You

Executive Manager - Hume Plasterboard AZL Constructions

Fotini is a perfectionist, her thoroughness and resilience had lead to some major successes.

Many people see her as a strong businesswoman and praise her for the results she can quickly deliver.

Over the years, I have also seen another version of Fotini who is caring, sympathetic, and relatable.

Working with Fotini has always been my pleasure, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to any businesses who need a strong leader and role model.

We have worked on a number of clients together. Fotini is someone that you can trust in delivering exceptional results and value.

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