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Helping business owners cut through the fog!

Silencing the noise.  Customising solutions that cater for your needs, and allow you the time to concentrate on what matters most.


  • Business Transformation
  • Profit Maximisation
  • Growth Acceleration
  • Turnaround - Restructure
  • Interim CEO / CFO
  • Board Advisor
  • Change Management
  • Startup support for Scale + Saleability
  • Training and Development

Some of our FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you don't see your question then, feel free to send us an email !

Businesses requiring some form of structure, control or improvement.

Our services cater for startups, businesses moving from small to medium and those business that require stability.

We also capture businesses that require upskilling of knowledge base through training and development.

We also deal with individuals requiring direction, clarity and mentoring.

Generally a consultant can be hired during any business phase. 

Below are some examples where we assisted clients:

  • Owners tired of firefighting and wanting issues to be fixed at the core.
  • Owners constantly having cash flow issues and sick of personally funding their business.
  • Businesses rapidly growing and needing operational control - systems, processes and procedures.
  • Owners needing an experienced sound board to help gain objectivity and independence for decisions.
  • Owners wanting to take their business to the next level.
  • Owners wanting more leisure time and have operations running smoothly whilst away.


  • feeling lost and confused with no direction.
  • wanting to start their own business and required assistance to set strong foundations from the start.

Consultants can bring another level of expertise and knowledge that may not exist within your business.

They can focus on your needs immediately and complete the desired goals quicker than possibly internally.

Because we execute and drive exceptional results.

Our approach is simple and not fluffy.

It is practical and useful.

We have worked in Operational roles before - Accountants, business owners, CEOs.  We understand the requirements of running a business.

We also have a track record of turning loss making businesses around when other consultants have recommended voluntary administration. 

We do not give up that easily!

The Return on investment will differ for each business and will depend on what you are looking to achieve.

We can only give examples of what we have achieved for previous clients. 

For example, we implemented clearer sales and marketing strategies which increased sales dramatically after one month. 

The client had clearer customer targets, better customer analysis reporting and improved gross margin profitability per customer and per product / group.

The beauty of such services is that they are not a once off benefit. We have clients that continue to benefit year on year.

Another example is a turnaround - within 1 week we had stability and within 3 months traded with profits.

We establish foundations that last.

Depending on your requirements - it can be short term or long term. 

We do not work with locked in contracts.

We hit the ground running.

We do not milk your situation.

Our aim is to make an impact quickly and show tangible results.

“When nothing changes, nothing changes”.

Every business, every individual, can improve.

The skill set one possesses has taken them to the level they are currently at.

To go to the next level, you need to acquire different skill sets. 

An expert will take you there faster than education or mistakes.

An expert can objectively view the business and find areas where the business can improve – financially and operationally.

The question is – what are you focusing on?

The Cost. Or. The Value.

No, this is not always the case.

We aim to upskill employees, as we understand the emotional burden that comes with long withstanding employees.

However, when assessing a business, we not only consider what resources are available, but:

we consider

  • what the business 'needs' rather than 'has'.
  • inefficiencies eroding profits
  • operational inefficiencies.

Our recommendations may result in retrenchments or redundancies; however the end decision is yours to make.

We will explain our logic and provide reasoning.

When redundancies take place, we ensure you will comply with Fair Work legislation.

Our Head Office is in Melbourne.

We do travel Australia wide and regularly meet clients on their premises.

With coaching programs this is done in person or through Zoom.

Our initial discussion is complimentary.

By understanding the desired outcome we can then discuss fees. 

From our experience costs are quickly recovered through the impact we make on profitability and performance.

“If you only focus on the dollar, you’ll never pay for the value” – Fotini Pratis

Both parties will sign a confidentiality agreement for peace of mind.

No, we do not disrupt your business.

We become an extension of your business.

We work in and on the business.

We will require some of your employee's time to discuss tasks and processes.  However, we limit the amount of distractions and time we spend.

Occasionally we will facilitate workshops where employee time is required. 

They are involved to derive solutions that they will buy into.

They will hold responsibility for maintaining the change.

As soon as the decision is made – we can get started.

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We keep it simple, real and useful. We understand time is of essence and get to the point.

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