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A strategic plan will provide clear direction to where and how the business will achieve its desired results.

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Performed on under-performing businesses or businesses needing a reset.  Rebuild your business stronger.

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To improve your business, invest in growth and development. As the business grows, so should the skills within your business.

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Financial and Non Financial reporting helps track the process of your business.  Without timely reporting, owners are essentially leading blind.

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Deep dive on what and how you sell and where issues arise & when.  We transform the sales cycle through systems, processes and KPIs.

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Identify underlying causes to find solutions to implement a strategy for survival. A full business review is undertaken and executed.

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Culture enables strong growth and improved employee engagement.  We build functional teams for your business.

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Cashflow strategies are implemented to control cash inflow and outflow. We create insights on where cash opportunies and cost savings lie.

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We implement efficiencies by streamlining and automating systems, processes and operations. We create policies and procedures for compliance.

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We guide you on a launch trajectory that will take ideas from concept to life and help you avoid commonly faced pitfalls.

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Through identifying where the business is burning cash we can stop the bleeding.  We create control at the start of a process before they are surprises. 

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We facilitate workshops to help drive change in your business, encourage innovation and ideas formation through to execution.

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Services include:

  • Strategic Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Execution
  • Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Business and personal goals.

Poor strategic strategies rarely drive profitable results, in fact they can cause confusion and losses.

When a business tries to be a jack of all trades they do not succeed. A strategic plan provides clarity and direction for your business.

During a strategic planning workshop we involve employees to capture innovation and create a sense of enthusiasm and accountability.

We create (or recreate) the Vision, Mission and Values to drive purpose.

We challenge every aspect of your business strategy and identify new markets, customer targets, products / services and identify opportunities for growth.

We help align employees with the newly created strategy to ultimately drive profits through purpose.

We help you execute and achieve your vision.

Business Restructure

Services include:

  • Organisational Restructure
  • Employee Restructure
  • Debt Capital Raising
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Financial / Tax Restructuring

A business restructure is usually performed on under-performing businesses.

However, restructures can also be performed on businesses that require revamping and change.

A restructure can protect the current business and can provide a platform on which to rebuild - bigger and better with stronger foundations.

Restructuring involves working in all areas of the business.  Reviewing current systems and processes, identifying pain points and working towards a smoother running business.

We evaluate, rationalise, reconstruct and profitably grow your business.

Operational changes and performance improvement underpins a successful restructuring strategy.

Training & Development

Services include:

  • Group Training sessions
  • One to One Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Process Review Mapping workshops
  • Innovation workshops

From our experience, SME business owners sadly invest less on themselves than anyone else in their business.

Businesses usually outgrow the employees, especially if they are not upgrading their skills and knowledge.

As a business grows it needs new skills to handle larger challenges.

We help develop employee skills and knowledge base.

We train on process efficiencies, internal controls, technical, leadership, and change management - to name a few.

We help employees perform outside their comfort zones while building capability within.


Services include:

  • Board and Director Reporting packs
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial and Non-Financial KPIs
  • Internal controls establishment

Without timely reporting, you are essentially leading blind.

From our experience, SMEs usually do not have sophisticated reporting and rely on basic reports from their systems to make decisions.

Basic reports do not provide enough information to make solid sound decisions.

We provide a framework for reporting that simplifies the analysis of data.

We dig deeper into the numbers and investigate the causes of certain results and flag potential issues.

We provide recommendations to improve results and monitor them accordingly.

We create KPIs that drive employees towards goals.

Our aim is to create a culture of monitoring, reviewing and reporting – with – Action!

Sales Transformation

Services include:

  • Gross Profit analysis
  • Customer Profitability analysis
  • Product or Service Rationalisation
  • Pricing Structure Strategies
  • ROI on Sales Reps
  • Sales Budgets and KPIs
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Proposals and Tenders

Sales & Marketing plans focus on key target markets, customers and industries.

It explores where you can strengthen relationships – new and existing.

It will guide where the Sales team should be focusing and what to sell.

By having greater control over the Sales cycle through systems and processes, the higher the chances of customer conversion.

Progress and execution (or lack there of) is proactively monitored through reporting.

We transform the Sales cycle through:

  • Analysis of sales data to investigate eroding Gross Profit margins.
  • Strategies to increase Gross Profits and Net Profits.
  • Creating meaningful sales forecasts and budgets for the Sales team.
  • Establish KPIs to deliver impressive ROI.
  • Develop systems and processes for automation.
  • Rectify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Establish internal controls to improve discounts, credit notes and sales pricing.

Business Turnaround

Services include:

  • Company Restructuring
  • Full Business Operational Review
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Cost Control Management
  • Cash Flow Management

When faced with financial difficulty owners can feel overwhelmed and unsure on how to manage their cash flow issues.

We reduce the personal and financial pressure by implementing and executing an effective plan.

We review all areas of the business to identify the causes of an under performing business and provide solutions to the root causes. 

By identifying the underlying causes we give the business the best chance of survival.

Businesses dealing with a distressed balance sheet and performance challenges do not have time to waste.  They need fast action to stabilise and rectify the situation.

We drive the change needed to save your business.

We negotiate with key stakeholders including suppliers, customers, banks, unions and landlords to have them on board with the restructure process.

Our aim is to stabilise and rescue your business.

People & Culture

Services include:

  • Cultural change or Creation
  • Performance Management
  • Functional Team Effectiveness
  • Talent Management Acquisition

Culture enables strong growth for employee engagement.

We inspire, empower and motivate employees to ultimately become more.

With our deep understanding of the relationship between culture and its outcomes we work together to generate a positive collaborative culture.

Having a good culture can assist adding value in performance enhancement, leadership, cost efficiency and process improvement.

Having the right people is crucial for a business to succeed. 

We adjust attitudes through coaching or performance management.

We assist in appointing quality employees with the right skills to drive long term transformational growth.

We aim to bring the very best out of your employees.

Change Management

Services include:

  • Process Efficiencies and Improvement
  • Systems Automation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Monitoring and Maintaining

We review your current business model and recommend ways to better manage your operations, systems, processes and employees.

We simplify the change management principles by seeking solutions on what is needed - not what a manual states.

We seek cost effective methods to perform duties with best practice procedures.

We design and develop policies and procedures catered for your business.

We manage the emotionally roller coaster with employee transitioning to change.  We involve employees for buy in purposes.

We do not force change - we rather create an environment of support - for the change.

We establish employee accountability and responsibility for them to maintain changes.  We take employees on a growth journey.

Keeping it simple and practical are at the forefront of all our recommendations.

Finance & Operations

Services include:

  • Profit Maximisation Strategies
  • Cost Reducing Strategies
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Break Even Analysis and Reporting
  • Working Capital Management
  • Loan and Credit Facilities Management

All roads lead back to Finance, so to control your financial position, you should control the operations of your business.

By reviewing what you do, how you do it and why - we can provide clarity on where the business is burning cash.

By simplifying systems and processes with what needs to be done, rather than what is actually being done, we eliminate inefficiencies, improve profits and cash flow.

We assess the risks exposed in your business and establish internal controls to mitigate risks.

Each Division is reviewed with solutions on streamlining and improving Operational efficiencies and profitability.

Pain points are identified and solutions to fix them at their core - not the surface, where they will resurface later. 

A smoother running business is created without the daily roadblocks.

The aim is for the business owner to gain control of their business and the way it operates.

Cash Flow Management

Services include:

  • Strategies to boost Cash Flow
  • Improve Debtor days
  • Cash flow Projections
  • 3 way cash flow modelling

Cash flow is a critical part of any business. If not properly monitored and controlled it can be the end of your business.

Understanding cash flow drivers and establishing internal controls will assist in long term stability.

We can establish internal controls to improve cash flow by reviewing:

  • Sales and Cash Collections,
  • Purchasing and Payments,
  • Inventory control and Management,
  • Operational Processes, and
  • Financial Commitments.

Cash flow is not an area that can wait to be fixed.

We help SMEs restore from survival to stability and then growth.

There is no point in building a business on weak foundations.

We understand that cash is not usually the primary issue.  It is everything around it that is creating losses and instability.

Don’t wait until it is too late to fix your cash flow situation.

Act now and gain control.


Services include:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Systems and Processes formation
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Reporting Framework

When starting a new business it can be quite daunting.  We provide you with a clear roadmap.

We guide new business owners on the – how?

We help clients develop the skills and knowledge to take their idea to execution.

We assist with providing the clarity needed to be more focused and deliberate.

We help establish the Accounts properly and review the processes to ensure strong foundations are achieved from the start.

We deal with trademarks, business registration and other compliance requirements.

We help you manage a new business properly from dream through to execution.


Workshops & Events

Services include:

  • Leadership
  • Process Mapping workshops
  • Be inspired sessions
  • Internal audit cycle workshops

For further information please contact us direct.

Workshops can be conducted on site or offsite with some form of team building activities.

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