Property Developer

The backstory

The company was trading successful for some years, however started losing control given tight deadlines to meet property development projects. Whenever there is pressure to complete projects within milestones and deadlines, costs can blow out the window. Engaged to conduct a business review to identify areas to stop the bleeding and control creditors and the overall cashflow of the business.


The challenge


Our Solution

Formal assessment of entire company

A formal assessment on the entire business was conducted to identify areas of risk, opportunities and improvement. Involved Site Managers to review preliminary drawings and plans prior to completion.

Created clear Policies and Procedures

Enforced Policies and Procedures through monitoring and reporting, with particular effort made with pre-approval of cost commitments and thorough review of supplier quotations – inclusions, exclusions and ensuring it is stipulated in contracts. Enforce on the site inspections for sub contractor monthly claims.

Established Key Performance Indicators

Established Key Performance Indicators for key processes and measurement, reporting and monitoring.

Improved control

We aimed to control cash flow, better manage creditors and control costs. Better control over variation requests from the client.





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