Accounting Firm

The backstory

The merger of two Divisions to create greater operational efficiencies, shared resources, cost savings and better quality output for clients.


The challenge


Our Solution

Formal assessment of both Divisions

A formal assessment of both divisions was conducted to identify areas of risk, opportunities and improvement. We interviewed all personnel, held workshops and on the ground reviews to see the business for what it was. We collaborated with employees to share risks exposure, inefficiencies identified and formulated solutions to address them.

Created clear mission, vision, values, to grow the business

Created clear mission, vision, values, with strategies to grow the merged Divisions in a workshop forum with the Head Office team. Restructured the Divisions which required some redundancies and the hiring of higher skilled employees and Managers. 

detailed Analysis of Profit

Conducted a detailed analysis of Gross Profit per client and documented an action plan for low and negative Gross Profit clients. Created detailed revenue budgets for each client with a full analysis of revenue history.

Established Key Performance Indicators

Established Key Performance Indicators for key processes with clear deliverables – keeping them simple for recording purposes, reporting and monitoring. Identified business opportunities to increase revenue per client.

Leadership training

Managers received leadership training to gain a better understanding of their leadership style, and were given methods and tools to improve overall employee performance wellbeing and productivity.




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