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Fotini Pratis

CEO & Transformation Consultant

Fotini a Chartered Accountant who became CFO then CEO. 

Originally worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers where she went from internal audit to external audit and later Middle Market (SMEs).

Fotini received most satisfaction working alongside SMEs, so she moved into Operational roles for businesses with a Turnover of $20M to $300M.

Fotini decided to start her own consultancy business to help as many businesses stabilise, accelerate or scale.

Because she has worked as a CEO, Fotini understands the intrinsic details of what it truly means to run a business.

Fotini also Founded her own business – Classy Tails and was shortlisted for the Telstra Women's Business Award showing her innovative entrepreneur flare.

Most recently Fotini was a Finalist for CEO of the Year Award in the Building & Construction Category, 2019.

Fotini is not a typical consultant!  She works like an additional owner in your business.

Fotini has over 25 years of extensive business experience, making her well equipped with the challenges SMEs face.

Sometimes consultants can go ‘over the top’ with their methodologies and programs.  They tend not to execute either.  Fotini simplifies the situation with ease and executes with control and harmony.

Fotini has worked with businesses dealing with a distressed Balance Sheet and Performance challenges and understands the urgency required to succeed.  They need quick rational action to stabilise and rectify the situation.

Fotini has a natural knack for fixing what is broken and loves the challenges of a chaotic environment.  

It is the fast moving, unstable, and turbulent environments that excites Fotini most.  She enjoys rolling up her sleeves and making differences that matter.

Businesses dealing with rapid growth can also become unstable due to the nature of the beast - especially if not controlled properly. 

The key is to be proactive and implement change before the accelerated growth. 

Execution drives desired results.  

Industry Expertise

Tranquil Consultancy has worked in a variety of industries:

  • Building and construction
  • Equipment machinery sales and rental
  • Manufacturing - industrial and food
  • Fuel and lubrication equipment
  • Oils and lubricants
  • FMCG
  • Wholesale and Importing
  • Telecommunications
  • Startups
  • Services - Accounting, IT


Paul Waters

Managing Director - DPW Plant Hire

Fotini’s contribution to our company led to the improvement of services that our company offers.

Within the first 30 days Fotini saved our company $100k on insurance!

She always had a smiling face, no matter the condition, which kept our colleagues warm while we worked together to implement changes to the strategy, structure, processes, procedures, operations, people and our finances.

I’m hopeful she’ll deliver similar outcomes for other companies as well.
I hereby highly recommend her.

George Arapoglou

Chief Finance Officer - Butler Market Gardens

For anyone looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and strategic thinker, you can’t go past Fotini at Tranquil Consultancy.
Fotini gets to the bottom of any issue no matter how minor or major it is and then proceeds to navigate her way through to a solution which is enduring and effective.

Fotini also has the ability to buy into an organisations vision and partner with stakeholders with the view to growing the business from a revenue, profitability and commercial perspective.

Her ability to connect with people at differing levels of an organisation is uncanny and her attention to detail allows her to deep dive into a problem set without losing sight of the higher level strategy.

Fotini also successful submitted the Coles Nurture Fund where we were awarded $500,000! We were absolutely thrilled with the result!

Michael Aldemir

Managing Director - Spanish Doughnuts

It was due to Fotini's experience and her knowledge of the industry that we were able to make it through the initial tough times when we commenced our Franchising and our Manufacturing business.

To this day I can say that Fotini was responsible for putting us on the right track.

Fotini also successfully secured a government grant for us. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and executes results.

Marcio Casagranda

Chief Operations & Engineer - Australian Crane & Machinery

It was a difficult time for the company and Fotini was instrumental in managing the challenges around cash flow, business profitability and overall business improvement.

Her focus and dedication helped her navigate a very important transition period for the company which delivered highly improved results.

Peihan You

Executive Manager - Hume Plasterboard + AZL Constructions

Fotini is a perfectionist, her thoroughness and resilience had lead to some major successes.

Many people see her as a strong businesswoman and praise her for the results she can quickly deliver.

Over the years, I have also seen another version of Fotini who is caring, sympathetic, and relatable.

Working with Fotini has always been my pleasure, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to any businesses who need a strong leader and role model.

I have worked with Fotini on a number of clients and is someone you can rely on delivering exceptional results and trustworthy. 

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