Create brilliant Sales Proposals

Some proposals can seriously blow you away.

Having an impactful sales proposal with a great sales pitch and person can determine the speed of conversion and the success in winning business.

Some people believe quantity and slabs of information is what the customer wants to read.  Rather the customer wants to receive information that is straight to the point and tells them how you can help them – not what you provide.

How many times have you seen / heard a sales pitch and heard the word “we” or “i”?

Below is a summary of the ingredients for creating memorable sales proposals:

Have a clear and strong marketing message.
Clearly articulate what is included / excluded.
Stipulate costs in black and white.
The design itself is freaking amazingly!
Provide evidence for what your business claims to be great at.
Demonstrate how your business can assist and where they can improve (value add free).
Have clear next steps.
Make sure the email attaching any proposal is also phenomenal – matter of fact, straight to the point and memorable!

Above all, keep it simple.

Good proposals = hit and miss.
Great proposals = increase sales conversions.

When was the last time you updated your proposals?

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